MariaDB and WordPress explained

In my extensive search for the tech-stack that suits WordPress best, MariaDB showed significant performance increases among it’s competitors. …but will it work in the WordPress ecosystem? First thing to check when testing a new database engine with WordPress is compatibility. WordPress officially supports only MySQL, though there are some database layer-abstraction techniques which are too … [Read more…]

Testing Ansible

Ansible is an ingenious piece of software which saves time put into documenting configuration procedures, documenting configuration schemes, running procedures and bootstrapping your infrastructure a whole lot easier. By it’s design, Ansible does not force you to use any particular style or structure. If you’d rather use long playbooks instead of granular and nicely put roles, so … [Read more…]

How to set up Vim on Windows

If you’ve ever tried to achieve comfort working in Vim on Windows, you know what a hassle it can be. On OS X and *nix, Vim works completely fine in the terminal emulator. Unfortunately there’s not one terminal emulator for Windows that can work good with different color schemes and handle terminal re-sizing well – things that … [Read more…]

On self-improvement

“Self improvement” is an industry which has brought many fame, money and countless minutes on air to discuss their views on achieving happiness and building a greater you. Let’s all agree that the majority of the advice is pure bullshit. A good “self-improv” material is considered to be the one that will make you feel … [Read more…]